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At SSN Consultants, we recognise the struggle of aligning projects successfully and coherently with business needs. In today’s world of implementing solutions, over 58% of cases miss expectations and fail to delight customers. We’re here to change that.

SSN Consultants is dedicated to continuously improving and integrating agile best practises and business transformation. We deliver robust capabilities to perform business analysis integrated with programme and project management, product development and service design deliveries. Our vast skill set allows us to enable organisations to improve flexibility, innovation and agility to rapidly deliver value to all of our projects, and of course, exceed customer expectations.

We’re able to deliver this by providing deeply experienced practitioners who are guided by frameworks and armed with toolkits and accelerators to ensure your project is delivered on time and to the highest possible standard.

SSN Consultants is a privately held company headquartered in Romford, Essex.

We Provides Shortage Remarkable Ideas!

Our Mission

We always seek to design, implement and monitor effective digital and interpersonal solutions delivered with excellent project management. Our solutions ensure effective business transformation in both the private and public sectors.

Our Vision

To guide our customers to the achievement of optimal business conduction through innovative digitisation.

Our Values

We’ll always provide a complete solution that you’re confident in.
Collaborative Learning
We work in collaboration with our clients, ensuring we create the perfect solution for your requirements.
We always provide people a complete solution focused of any business.
Customer Focus
All of our solutions are designed in-line with our customers' unique needs.
Attention to Detail
We’re experts in project delivery and understand the importance of paying close attention to detail.
We are committed to the advancement of equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout our organisation, from personnel to clientele.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Social Value UK
British Red Cross
We’re an active member of Social Value Network U.K.

which ensures compliance with changes to contemporary ethical standards.

We believe in and practise active social responsibility; Alongside our commercial projects, we seek to contribute to societal welfare by supporting several non-profit and ethical organisations.