Business Transformation

Health & Social Care

The establishment and facilitation of our ‘Innovation Lab’ approach to integration and interoperability of people, process, infrastructure and digital technologies in health and care. With vast experience of developing ideas and solutions from concept through to deployment, we are able to realise the benefits of transforming how organisations work around a place-based hub.


  • Innovation Lab approach to developing new concepts
  • Audit of existing processes, systems and costs
  • Articulation of future vision and case for change
  • Dealing with existing demand better
  • Channel shift demand through people, process, technology and infrastructure
  • Design proactive engagement strategies and behaviours that impact on health
  • Integration of digital technologies to promote patient activation
  • Building Transformation Capability and new ways of working


  • Improved demand management
  • Better use of community Place-Based assets
  • Increased patient activation
  • Increased use of digital technologies
  • Better use of local data for quality improvement