Digital Services and Technology Enablement

Our digital and technology engagement services help to accelerate organisational effectiveness by enabling organisations to reach their digital potential. By designing and delivering cloud-enabled digital transformative, we are able to drive up revenue, drive down costs, improve business intelligence and deliver improved customer experience.

At SSN Consultants, we’re passionate about facilitating digital strategy and creating appropriate solutions to ensure delivery of successful business outcomes.


  • Facilitation/co-design of digital strategy aligned to business and customer need
  • Digital maturity assessment
  • Current ‘As Is’ technology review
  • Cloud based digital roadmap
  • Procurement advisory service
  • Design and management of channel shift
  • Operating model alignment to digital strategy
  • Digital capability and leadership assessment
  • Customer centric, engagement and alignment


  • Alignment of initiatives to organisational and digital strategy
  • Creation of a prioritised roadmap for digital enablement
  • Digital strategy is aligned to wider organization strategy
  • Early ‘buy-in’ and adoption by customers