Grants Management

Grants Management

Whether it is to manage and administrate grant giving schemes and distribute funding (Grants Makers) or to manage internal or grants applications (Grants Seekers), Grants Management is requires a raft of skills and processes for their entire lifecycle. Pre and Post award capabilities include:

  • grant discovery
  • budget forecasting and distribution
  • peer to peer collaboration
  • regulatory compliance
  • project costing
  • proposal submission and approval
  • administrative reporting
  • public reporting and transparency
  • project tracking

Any robust and suitable Grants Management System should provide:

  • enhanced workflow, systemised approvals management and visibility of grants’ status
  • intelligent and easily accessible reporting and analysis
  • robust data structure
  • easily extractable data into common use formats e.g. Excel
  • enhanced APIs
  • enhanced communication and client management
  • the opportunity to work more efficiently
  • sleek integration with prime software e.g. Office 365
  • enhanced transparency to all stakeholders
  • Web Based Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our Team and Approach

Our consultants possess a wealth of knowledge across the intricacies and complexity of grants and awards systems.

We bring expertise, experience, and a deep understanding of both the "outside-in" aspects of an applicant's end-to-end lifecycle alongside the "inside-out" aspect of what is required to deliver a customer-pleasing product and service – with experience across solution design, development, deployment and enhancement.

Industry-leading research and best practices across the entire IT landscape, including a rich project framework specifically targeting the rapid assessment of Commercial Off the Shelf packages and custom / bespoke applications.

Leveraging our framework and toolset allows us to conduct accelerated assessments, tap into research analysts to provide industry insights, and generate a coherent vision of which component parts/services (including Open Source) can be selected/incorporated into a Grants Management solution.

Knowledge Transfer is a key part of every stage of our delivery. We work alongside client internal teams (technical, grant administrators, key stakeholders) to maximise opportunities for sharing know-how throughout the delivery.

What we will do

Typically, our team of grants management experts will work closely with you to:

Analyse Business Needs

  • Compile and model customer use cases
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews
  • Conduct an accelerated business needs and requirements prioritisation
  • Rapidly detail and model updated business process models
  • Develop a Requirements Traceability Matrix

Vendor and Solution Selection

  • Consider current market capabilities
  • Consider existing local solutions
  • Research and market assessment
  • Assess potential software solutions and vendors
  • Recommend a pragmatic approach to vendor selection
  • Rapid application assessment and recommendation

Design and Plan Implementation

  • Review implementation considerations and build a high-level roadmaps
  • Construct the solution building blocks
  • Create project governance plan
  • Evaluate project metrics

Implement and Embed Solution

  • Project manage the implementation
  • Conduct solution design workshops
  • Create solution design documentation
  • Alongside your internal team and other software experts, implement the solution
  • Manage and guide the formal testing of Alpha release
  • Communicate and deploy new solution
  • Provide end user training
  • Provide ongoing solution support