cloud solution

Cloud Transformation

Our business transformation service helps to overcome challenges faced by our clients by co-working to transform operating models which are aligned to business strategy and objectives.

Our skills include strategic facilitation, integrated operating model design, people, process, digital technology, implementation and change management. By working with SSN Consultants, we’ll ensure smooth project delivery which will support the delivery of agreed outcomes and benefits.


  • SRE assessment & onboarding
  • Comprehensive analysis of all cloud transformation proposals
  • Present cloud/digital services assessment
  • Sustainable automation through continuous delivery techniques
  • Creation of a transformational roadmap tailored to client needs
  • Cloud platform partner input (Azure, AWS, FEEL FREE TO ADD, etc.)


  • Cost savings via automation through cloud hosting features
  • Reduction of data/business risk
  • Be better equipped for Lean/Agile business functioning through consolidated & cloud hosted central operating systems.
  • Increased enterprise flexibility
  • More informed decision making
  • Option of continuous support through cloud management services
  • Option for sustainable support via personnel cloud service training