Target Operating Model

SSN's Target Operating Model Service provides definition and alignment of information system services to specified enterprise needs. Our process of IT system delivery teamed with relevant training and human resources expertise is designed to aid organisations progress from their "as is" operating model to their desired "to be" model in a self-sustaining man


  • TOM may adjust to Extensive range of client related requirements
  • Current enterprise operating model evaluation
  • Management/staff workshop to screen TOM opportunities & TOM selection
  • Tailored TOM design development
  • TOM implementation/roadmap provision
  • Training to support staff management of continuous/sustainable development


  • Corporate strategic objectives connected to calculated business outcomes
  • Visualisation of operating model & organisational capabilities
  • Framework provision includes KPI indicators and recommendations
  • Efficient organisational, people, and process management
  • TOM is designed to meet client performance expectations & sought requirements
  • Continuous improvement promoted