Cyber Security

Our Cyber Security services offer expert cyber security advice and post-delivery operational guidance on a plethora of contemporary cloud security issues and features. The SSN team are experts in guiding cyber security leadership and spearheading enterprise security development.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our cybersecurity awareness training helps you

  • Reduce risk of hacking
  • Support employee development
  • Simplify compliance and risk management

Cyber Security Standards Compliance

Our compliance and consultancy helps you

  • Comply With Regulatory Standards
  • Simplify policy management
  • Meet GDPR requirements

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

Our cyber essentials certification helps you…

  • Tender for UK Government And MOD Contracts
  • Protect your business from common cyber attacks
  • Lower your insurance premiums

Simulated Hacking

Our penetration testing helps you

  • Identify holes in your security
  • Protect data from hackers
  • Meet required security standards

Lower Insurance Premiums with SSN Insurance

Our Insurance gives you

  • 25% off your first annual renewal
  • Increased resilience to cyber crime
  • An upskilled workforce

Managed Threat Protection with Mitiintel

Mitiintel helps you

  • Detect and respond to new threats
  • Manage new and legacy systems
  • Meet compliance regulations