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Web Application Development

At SSN Consultants, we have been providing Web Application Development services for over a decade and have a hard-earned reputation for quality and customer service.

When working with us to develop your web app, our team will be on hand to explain the process effectively and simply, despite there being many intricacies involved. We work with our clients collaboratively to get to the heart of the app's purpose and audience, ensuring we build the perfect solution.

You can find out more about our application building framework options below and our team will guide you on the best option for your project


AngularJS is an open-source framework that is maintained by Google and other development communities.Commonly used for web-app development, this framework is one of the most popular amongst developers.

AngularJS boasts many benefits including a Lightweight framework, faster loading, easy testability, two way data-binding, HTML extensions and expressiveness.


PHP is one of the most popular open-source platforms for web app development. PHP apps can be designed with less coding effort, ensuring the process is faster and simpler. PHP is an excellent budget-friendly option as it also boasts a fast and flexible templating system, trustable security constraints and more.


Built in 1991, Python's popularity is still going strong. Python is widely used for web development, software development, mathematics and system scripting. It can be used on server to create web applications or alongside software to create workflows, or connect to database systems.

Python is a fantastic option for big data and apps that require complex mathematics, and can also be used for rapid prototyping and production-ready software development.