Communication and Engagement

Communication and Engagement

Stakeholder engagement and communication underpins all cloud programmes and projects undertaken. Early stakeholder engagement ensures that the cultural, behavioural, environmental and economic factors are fully understood and catered for in developing the integrated business solution. Our communication driven approach and materials are innovative, verbal and visual to reach the widest possible audience.


  • Stakeholder identification and mapping
  • Strategy/planning for engagement, stakeholder involvement, consultation, management, communication
  • Organising/managing engagement process, workshops, focus groups, stakeholder events
  • Producing supporting material - communications, media relations, fact-sheets, graphic design
  • Social and market research
  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Conflict management and mediation


  • Creates early consensus and buy-in to change
  • Increased likelihood - programme/project delivered successfully and benefits realised
  • Reduced conflict and greater co-operation
  • Reduced stress on employees and other stakeholders, through transparency/visibility