Shared Services

SSN's Shared Services solutions enable enterprises to utilise the value of their IT capabilities, organisational infrastructure, and human resource proficiencies. We appraise any existing shared service solutions in place (if any) to best advise on the optimal course of action; whilst spearheading the composition and delivery of a new shared service solution within a current organisation or for proposed organisational endeavours.


  • Shared Service operating model
  • Shared Service Delivery Model
  • Business case evaluation
  • Assessment of current shared service office/operation
  • Suggested/implemented improvement of current shared service office/operation
  • Service reporting
  • Data management
  • Human Resource Management data provision
  • AAI/ML Service


  • Agile/Lean capabilities enhanced through delivery model
  • End to End process delivery
  • Consolidated Digital delivery/functionality
  • Efficient delivery of enterprise functioning/processes