SSN provides both the design & delivery of industry leading enterprise resource planning solutions. Our ERP services work across all of the major ERP platforms recommended by industry standards, whilst our hands on approach to customer self-sufficiency ensures staff are trained/informed to independently operate competent internal ERP solutions following project delivery.


  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution design & delivery
  • Enterprise-wide information-system integration
  • Real Time virtual operations system
  • Agile/Lean operations enabled through streamlined supply chain management
  • Consolidated central database
  • Consistent enterprise-wide information system function & apparel
  • Enhanced Financial Reporting capabilities
  • Enhanced Human Resource management capabilities


  • Enhanced enterprise Reporting
  • Improved Customer service abilities
  • Improved inventory/cost management functions
  • IRM and cloud security benefits distributed across multiple or cloud servers
  • Improved Business process efficiency
  • Supply Chain management efficiencies