Change Management

Continual change is an everyday reality for most organisations and remaining agile and operationally lean can be a key to competitive advantage whilst motivating your workforce.

We place people at the heart of change so they can uncover the opportunities and possibilities from new strategies, processes and technology leading to more successful and sustainable performance outcomes.

Change Management looks to engage all stakeholders, providing a sense of ownership and commitment to the delivery of successful change outcomes. This is achieved by interrupting behaviour patterns and thinking styles, including governance and decision making, which is then embedded in the design of change interventions. Change management specifically addresses the people aspect of change and is a critical workstream in any transformation programme. As every organisation is different, our approach to change management is bespoke and tailored to the needs of our clients.

Change does not happen on its own; it needs to be planned, communicated and managed. Our approach and activities are underpinned by the very latest change methodologies such as ProsciADKAR model of change, Kotter’s 8 steps and nudge theory

What do we do?

Every change management programme is bespoke and tailored to the needs of our clients. Typically we will work closely with our clients to:

Develop change strategy

Typically we will work closely with our clients to:

  • Develop a change strategy
  • Create a strategic approach and clear vision for change by focusing on:
  • Understand the need for change
  • Identify what needs to change
  • Understand how the organisation will be different

Design and plan the change

We work closely with you to support the design of the transformed organisation which may include the target operating model (organisational structures, process, technology), ways of working and governance. We also create a change plan that empowers and enables people to own change and drive successful outcomes while retaining focus on achieving the stated change deliverables.

Change risk and readiness assessment

We assess and evaluate the change risk and readiness of your organisation based on past history of change, levels of success and reasons. This helps to identify challenges that the change management programme may face and the issues to be addressed through the change programme.

Build internal change capability

We help to build an internal network of change champions and support their capability development with our collaborative approach. We recognise knowledge transfer is the key for sustained change, so collaboration is at the heart of every project we undertake.

Implement and embed the change

We work with senior leadership and the internal change champions to implement the change. We provide support to them to act confidently as role models of new behaviours, provide support mechanisms and cues to maintain the change. We then ensure these are cascaded through their teams and the organisation to embed the changes.


We work with you to define the right communication strategy for the project. We believe communication is a critical driver for successful change and it is vital that complex and important information is crafted into simple, user-friendly and thought-provoking messages, Using multiple channels to deliver these messages expands our reach, attracts attention and encourages conversation.